Nissan Chemical Is On the Rise

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19 Sep 2012 12:01 Helen Clark

CHEMMONITOR.COM – Latest financial report published by Nissan Chemical reveals positive trends in company’s development. Comparing to Q1 2011/12, the last quarter brought revenue of JPY 38.4 B (up 5.1%), gross profit of JPY 15 B (up 9.2%), operating income of JPY 6.3 B (up 21.6%), net income of JPY 4.3 B (up 16.5%).

Chemicals segment generated JPY 9.1 B of sales, Performance Materials accumulated JPY 9.5 M during the period, Agricultural Chemicals contributed JPY 8.3 B to the total amount, and Pharmaceuticals added JPY 3.5 B. Trading activities brought JPY 11.9 B to Nissan Chemical, Other revenues amounted JPY 3.9 B. Against Q1 2011/12 these values changed by (2.4)%, 9.1%, 16%, 21.6%, 3.1%, (14.4)%, respectively.

The company revised its consolidated forecast for the first half of 2012/13 ending September 30th. Previous forecast included revenue of JPY 69.4 B, operating income of JPY 6.3 B, and net income of JPY 3.6 B. New forecast stipulates revenue equal JPY 72 B, operating income of 8.3 B, and net income of 5.1 B. The revision was made due to strong results of Q1 2012/13 brought by robust sales. Full-year outlook is unavailable due to challenging business environment.

Founded in 1887 and headquartered in Tokyo (Japan), Nissan Chemical Industries engages in research, development, manufacture and worldwide distribution of basic chemicals (like sulfuric acid, melamine, ammonia and nitric acid), inorganic materials (for example abrasive compounds or surface preparation agents), organic chemicals (like flame retardants), electronic materials (for example for LCD or semiconductor coating materials), agricultural chemicals, pharmaceutical drugs, fertilizers, and more. Nissan Chemical is a public company traded at Tokyo Stock Exchange under the ticker 4021.


JPY – Japanese Yen

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