Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Co Inc Reports Weak Year Beginning

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13 Sep 2012 11:46 Helen Clark

CHEMMONITOR.COM – The quarter ended June 30th started a new financial year for Mitsubishi Gas Chemical. The company revealed its financials which state a noticeable decline against the corresponding period of 2011. While revenue did not register any significant change and amounted to JPY 115.4 B, gross profit lost 23.8% and equaled JPY 15.1 B, operating income fell below zero point to JPY (500) M, net income decreased by 40.6% to JPY 4.2 B.

The forecast for the year ending March 2013 stipulates sales of JPY 480 B (up 6.1%), operating income of JPY 13 B (up 43.1%), and net income of JPY 23 B (up 86.6%). Therefore Mitsubishi Gas Chemical plans massive recovery from the difficulties encountered during the last quarters.

Natural gas chemicals is the company’s major revenue bringer – it accumulates 33.9% of all sales. Aromatic chemicals contribute 27.7%, Specialty chemicals bring 26.8%, Information & Advanced Materials add 11.5%, Other sales comprise 1% of the total value.

Founded in 1971 and headquartered in Tokyo (Japan), Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Company engages in manufacture and distribution of Chemical fertilizers, agricultural chemicals, feeds, feed additives, Organic and inorganic chemicals, petroleum-derived chemicals, Dyes, pigments, paints and adhesives, Synthetic resins, synthetic rubber and other high-molecular polymers, Detergents, bleaches, gas absorbers, Pharmaceutical products, quasi-drugs, biochemical products, food and food additives, Ceramic products, Materials and elements used for civil engineering, construction, agriculture and fisheries, distribution industry and electric appliances and equipment, Information device, component, apparatus. The company is registered at Tokyo SE under the ticker 4182.


JPY – Japanese Yen

1 USD = 78.3870 JPY

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