Produced Water Community Experts to Gather in Doha, Qatar in June

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23 Apr 2014 14:28 Valerie Rose

CHEMMONITOR.COM - Doha, Qatar – Produced water or effluent produced water is by far the largest by-product of oil production operations in terms of volume and it is a major waste stream. The source of the produced water is primarily from formation water produced to surface or recycled water from water injection operations.

It is reported that the global average of produced water will increase up to 254 million barrels per day, a 21% jump from its current 210 million barrels per day, giving an average water to oil ratio of 3 to 1, or 10 to 1 in some cases. Water recycling for water injection is now becoming a common practice for E & P companies, either for environmental purposes or for reservoir pressure maintenance. Companies use different types of water for oil recovery such as water injection or steam injection; surface facilities needs produced water such as brackish water for operational needs. However, managing produced water is an extremely challenging, costly process, and could be economically a non-viable option.

Optimizing produced water is very critical at this point in time – using fit-for-purpose technologies to monitor produced water quality and forecast production, and to design, build, and operate facilities.

In its 9th edition, the 2014 Produced Water Management Global Praxis Interactive Technology Workshop to be held on 02 – 04 June in Doha, Qatar, under the chairmanship of Dr. Khalid Hashmi, Manager – Separation Technologies of CanmetENERGY, Natural Resources Canada, will continue to address the key challenges that oil and gas operators face in managing formation water during production.

The Produced Water Management workshop will bring best live practices through case studies and master classes with the following key topics:


    • Explore Novel and Emerging Reliable Produced Water Treatment Systems towards Efficient Water Management


    • Optimize Water Conformance Technology for Efficient Treatment Systems


    • Evaluate Shale Fields for Flow-Back Water Sequestration


    • Learn Produced Water Re-Injection for Enhancing Oil Production and Water Re-phasing for Other Uses


    • Benchmark Strategies for Mitigating Environment Impact Resulting from Produced Water Discharge

The 2014 Produced Water Management 9th Global Praxis Interactive Technology Workshop brings together senior experts in the upstream Produced Water community to brainstorm on practical solutions to the most critical challenges facing the industry. Through series of case study presentations and interactive breakout discussions, the most critical industry challenges will be discussed and the most suitable solutions will be identified with best practice strategies for addressing these issues.

For further information please contact Chris Chuka Orji (Senior Project Manager) at or +971 4884 1110.

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