ChemMonitor.com is a multipurpose database focused on chemical industry.

ChemMonitor.com contains a vast variety of up-to-date chemical market reports on various products in different countries and regions of the world. Report database covers markets of alcohols, alkenes (olefins), ethers, organic acids & derivatives, aldehydes & ketones, amines, halogenated, polymers, alkanes, benzene & derivatives, isocyanates as well as alkali, inorganic acids, inorganic salts, non-metallic oxides, metals, metal oxides, minerals and much more.

Reports provide market trends and forecasts, supply/demand balance, major market players (manufacturers, suppliers, and consumers), prices, etc. The reports are regularly updated.

ChemMonitor.com also specializes on market monitoring services. Monthly market reports on selected number of products are provided. Market highlights, analytics, prices, companies’ news & press releases, financial news, data on innovations & technologies, plants & projects and more are available in market monitoring reports.

Besides, ChemMonitor.com publishes news on alternative fuels, fertilizers, fine and speciality chemicals, inorganics (metals, minerals), petrochemicals, polymers, rubbers, resins markets.

In addition to above, ChemMonitor.com provides information on events (conferences, exhibitions, forum, seminar, etc.) taking place in the chemical and related industries.

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